What is Mindfullness?

What do you think of when you hear the word mindfullness? Some may think 'my mind is already full!'


For many it can conjure up ideas of Eastern religion, meditation, emptying your mind, going into a trance or just thinking positive thoughts.


Mindfullness is none of these. So what is it and how can it benefit us and our families?


Mindfullness is about really living. What do we mean by that? We mean living in the moment. So many of us rush here and there without much time to think or feel about what is really going on for us.


Mindfullness is non-judgemental of either ourselves or others, it is:

  • Paying attention to the present moment, the here and now, with openess
  • Become aware of your expereince right now
  • Notice your body sensations without trying to change or control them
  • Use your five senses, be aware of smells, sight, taste, touch and what you can hear
  • What is going on internally? Is there an ache or a physical sensation you can feel?
  • What are you feeling emotionally in this very moment?
  • What are you thinking right now?


How will it benefit me and my family?


Mindfulness can help us connect with life and give us more meaning! We can connect with family, friends, colleagues, new people, our pets or animals, nature and our interests. Being connected helps us feel integrated and whole in our community and society.


Practicing mindfulness can result in us being happier and more content. Who doesn't want that? It is also known to decrease anxiety, depression, hypertenstion, stress, chronic pain and distracting thoughts. It improves relationships, memory, the immune system, changes the chemical composition of our brains and our neural pathways, it enhances emotional balance lessening fear or stress associated with the amygdala in our brain. Its worth starting today!


Right now in this moment what are you doing? Take a minute to take a deep breath and just notice what is going on for you outside and in.


'I don't have time to stop and think' is something we all hear ourselves say.  Here are some every day activities where it will take no extra time to practice mindfullness.


At home, washing or brushing hair, eating or drinking, preparing food, housework, in a queue, at work, walking from car or station, between offices, making tea or coffee, waiting for the computer.  Once we realise how valuable mindfulness is to our happiness and connection with life, we may be able to set aside specific time; a calm, quiet, comfortable place inside or out. Perhaps there is a favourite park/place you like to visit. An unclutterd place where you won't be interupted, a place where you can be comfortable with a comfy chair or comforting cushion. As you grow you can extend your periods of mindfulness as your schedule allows.


Stress and anxiety are normal, they are part of life for all of us. However, we can help ourselves by integrating mindfullness into our every day lives. What are you waiting for?


Fill your mind, heart and soul with mindfulness and see what happens!


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